Team P & D- The Dirk Van den Bulck Power (2)


Introducing the Dirk Van Den Bulck Breeding Collection


At P&D we have one of the finest and largest breeding

and racing collections of this sensational super sprint

family here in the UK. Regarded by many fanciers as

Breeding Diamonds we hold over 65 direct of these birds direct Dirk Van Den Bulck.




Being the first racing and breeding stud to obtain the

original breeders and racers, not second hand directs,

enables us to offer and provide the best direct children

and brothers and sisters off the following super stars:


Goede Roede,Broer Goede Roede,Kittel,New

Kittel,Olympic Rosita,Witpen Stefaan,Witpen Olympic

300,Blauwe Olympic 40000,Blauwe Olympic

9998,Golden Lady 871,Grote Maurice,Blauwe Leo,

Jos Cools,Sagan,Nest Sister Kittel.




We also have many other direct children available from

the original pairs which are no longer obtainable.




Please take a look at our Super Results here in the UK

Bred Direct & Responsible by P&D Racing & Breeding





73 x 1st Club winners




1st 2,618 pigeons


1st 2,618 pigeons


1st 3,097 pigeons


1st 1,800 pigeons


2nd 2,297 pigeons


2nd 1,863 pigeons


2nd 2,640 pigeons


2nd 1,125 pigeons


3rd 1,371 pigeons


3rd 2,297 pigeons


4th 3,486 pigeons


4th 3,586 pigeons


4th 1,662 pigeons


4th 1,047 pigeons


5th 4,015 pigeons


7th 1,523 pigeons


8th 2,058 pigeons


8th 1,523 pigeons


8th 3,666 pigeons


8th 1,526 pigeons


8th 4,015 pigeons


8th 3,721 pigeons


9th 1,783 pigeons


10th 1,793 pigeons


11th 2,795 pigeons


11th 3,721 pigeons


12th 1,526 pigeons


12th 1,392 pigeons


13th 1,526 pigeons


13th 1,925 pigeons


14th 1,863 pigeons


14th 2,611 pigeons


15th 2,932 pigeons


16th 4,015 pigeons


16th 5,328 pigeons


16th 2,581 pigeons


18th 2,581 pigeons


23rd 3,721 pigeons


37th 2,303 pigeons


39th 2,303 pigeons




7th Open NIPA 18,313 pigeons


10th Open NIPA 3,023 pigeons


12th Open NIPA 19,600 pigeons


17th Open NIPA 21,000 pigeons


27th Open NIPA 22,899 pigeons


35th Open NIPA 21,931 pigeons


43rd Open NIPA 21,931 pigeons


49th Open NIPA 19,600 pigeons


51st Open NIPA 19,600 pigeons




1st Section NFC 2017


2nd Section NFC 2017


2nd Section MNFC 2017


5th Section MNFC 2017




Also Many other top Positions in the uk these are just that

have been reported to us Many thanks Paul Walters &

Darren Catterson




The Top Auction is Now on Auction



1. "Olympic Six" Full brother Olympic Rosita 038 !

5. "Inbred KITTEL" Inbreed Expensive KITTEL X Blauwe KITTEL 776 !

12. "Goede Rode Blend" Brother Olympic Rosita X Golden Lady 2 !